Precision Woodwork by Don DeDobbeleer, Fine Custom Wood Furniture
By Don DeDobbeleer
Floating Top Coffee Table



Floating Top Coffee Table by Don DeDobbeleer, Fine Custom Wood Furniture
I have been intrigued for years by the floating top genre, and always feel a little foolish looking under the table to see how the top is suspended. Usually there is some kind of stretcher between the aprons that supports the top. In this case I was able to find some optical grade polycarbonate rod. This is really a strong material used in bullet-proof glass. These rods are positioned at the back corner of the top of the leg in a blind spot created by the overhang of the top. The span from one rod to the next is significant and a low table should be able to be sat upon. This span dictated a design that would support such a load, with very little flex. Notice the top is much thicker at the center along each edge. This creates a bow truss effect that requires the bottom edge to stretch as the load is applied. This lateral movement is held in check by a Wenge strip on the bottom edge from corner to corner over a gentle curve that is duplicated on the top edge of the apron. In this example, I tried to stay as "green" as possible. I used plantation grown domestic American Cherry for the base. For the top I used a replica veneer made by Alpi in Italy. These are very stable and colorfast veneers that look far better than the currently available Macassar Ebony that is very nearly gone.


Dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, end tables, dressers, bedroom sets and chests
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Cocobola Dining Table: close up of table leg and dovetailed apron

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