Precision Woodwork by Don DeDobbeleer, Fine Custom Wood Furniture
By Don DeDobbeleer
Dogwood Chest



Dogwood Chest by Don DeDobbeleer, Fine Custom Wood Furniture
My wife and I collaborated on this piece. It has an obvious Asian flair. The dogwood intarsia on the curved panel at the front is of Walnut, Alder, Holly and Canarywood. All the dark elements are of Claro Walnut. The top and sides are American Cherry. The top is solid material and needs to move from season to season, hence the "breadboard ends". This is a system for allowing a solid panel to move independently of the ends. In this case I used a pinned tenon with a slot cut into the deep tenons, while the stub tenon is seen at the front edge. Only one straight line in this piece!


Dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, end tables, dressers, bedroom sets and chests
are all possible in the realm of his Master Craftsmanship.

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Don DeDobbeleer
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