Precision Woodwork by Don DeDobbeleer, Fine Custom Wood Furniture
By Don DeDobbeleer
Demi Lune Table



Demi Lune Table by Don DeDobbeleer, Fine Custom Wood Furniture
This prize winning table explores the use of hand sawn veneers, which allows this table to be completely refinished many years from now, a requirement of an heirloom piece. Because each consecutive veneer is hand sawn on the band saw, there is a slight shift in the grain pattern due to the missing material from the saw blade kerf. As you can imagine, getting 15 consecutive cuts takes a pretty big block of wood, say a 4X4 about 26" long. The string inlay or spokes are of Eastern hardrock Maple. They also form the border for the scalloped Redwood lace burl at the edge of the field. The rim is Wenge filled with a grain filler for that glass smooth finish, which is catalyzed lacquer. The apron is a bent lamination of solid walnut made of 7 layers including a face layer of the Redwood in a thickness similar to the top. The tapered hexagonal legs are solid Wenge; the hex is covered with a Maple lamination and then recovered with the original Wenge. You can see this light colored lamination at the top of the hex where it transitions into the square top. When the hex leg is fluted, it exposes the edge of this Maple lamination, creating the string inlay. The drawer is constructed with half blind dovetails and runs on wood slides. The pull is a play on the design of the top.


Dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, end tables, dressers, bedroom sets and chests
are all possible in the realm of his Master Craftsmanship.

Rosewood Dining Table and Chairs Precision Woodwork
Fine Custom Wood Furniture
Don DeDobbeleer
Cocobola Dining Table: close up of table leg and dovetailed apron

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