Precision Woodwork by Don DeDobbeleer, Fine Custom Wood Furniture
By Don DeDobbeleer
Cocobola Dining Table



Cocobola Dining Table by Don DeDobbeleer, Fine Custom Wood Furniture
Solid cocobolo with a leaf stored inside. This is a difficult wood to work as it's very dense and doesn't glue well due to its waxy nature. Special epoxies are called for as well as sound mechanical joinery. This table weighed nearly four hundred pounds. The sine curve at the bottom of the leg/apron joint is a bent lamination made from the same board as the apron, for a seamless look. Like most of my expanding tables, only the top moves, not the apron. Cutting the apron, especially at the center, really weakens the structure. Eventually the table sags, even with metal slides. The European solution is to make just the top slide and, when the leaf is installed, four additional diners sit out board of the legs.


Dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, end tables, dressers, bedroom sets and chests
are all possible in the realm of his Master Craftsmanship.

Rosewood Dining Table and Chairs Precision Woodwork
Fine Custom Wood Furniture
Don DeDobbeleer
Cocobola Dining Table: close up of table leg and dovetailed apron

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