Precision Woodwork by Don DeDobbeleer, Fine Custom Wood Furniture
By Don DeDobbeleer
Asian Ellipse Coffee Table



 Asian Ellipse Coffee Table by Don DeDobbeleer, Fine Custom Wood Furniture
A bookmatched sunburst of Macassar Ebony in a sequenced pattern. This required thirty two consecutive veneers. The rim is curly English Sycamore. All miter joints in the rim, as well as along the curve, are splined. The base is solid Claro Walnut. The leg curve is a portion of the same ellipse in the top. The leg is split and a 1/8 piece of maple is glued into the lamination with the grain running perpendicular to the walnut. This really strengthens the short grain at the tip of the walnut leg. The foot is splined in place. Square pegs hold the stretchers in a through mortise.


Dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, end tables, dressers, bedroom sets and chests
are all possible in the realm of his Master Craftsmanship.

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Fine Custom Wood Furniture
Don DeDobbeleer
Cocobola Dining Table: close up of table leg and dovetailed apron

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